Warboirn M/C ColorsTop Rocker

The top rocker signifies those men devoted to our Republic. It shows our adherence to the warrior’s code of loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion and honor above all else. As our Republic was born of conflict, so are we….Warborn.

Bottom Rocker

The bottom rocker identifies the Brotherhood and bond we share with each other and our Brothers in Arms who continue to serve today as the foundation for Warborn M/C.

Center Patch

As a centerpiece of our Colors, we wear an image of heraldry, recognition, and commitment. As we are Veterans representing our Republic and its history as a “melting pot” of cultures, so does our center patch. The hands shift colors in representation of our varied lineage and individual family backgrounds. They are joined in unity clasping a dagger representing the blood oaths made by ancient tribes and warrior, as well as a commitment to stand united in periods of adversity as well as peace. The hands are wrapped in barbed wire to remind us never forget those that are prisoners of war or missing in action, and those that made the ultimate sacrifice in our defense.

The outline represents ancient European tribal beliefs. It combines the rune of Tyr (top), the deity of war, justice, and protection of tribes of Gaul with the Norse tribe belief in Thor’s hammer Mjolinor (bottom). These items serve to remind us of the sacrifices various warriors and peoples have made to their own countries and cultures


Blue lettering signifies loyalty, compassion and honor, the tan background represents the uniform of the modern warrior, and red signifies the sacrifice all Veterans have made in times of war and peace.